Tips For Improving Indoor Acoustics

Posted on: 17 June 2016

If you want to watch movies or listen to music where the sound is more akin to a home theatre, then you need to work on your acoustics. Here are some different ways to get better acoustics so the indoor sound goes beyond what the stereo or television provides. 

Aim For Symmetry When Setting Up Speakers

To get better acoustics in your home, you will probably want to purchase a number of different speakers. This allows you to get surround sound instead of only relying on the tiny speakers in your stereo or in front of your television. When setting up the speakers, try to aim for symmetry. Don't place more speakers on one side of the room than the other, or it doesn't balance right and the acoustics get interrupted. Instead, try to create a triangle of speakers so that all sides of the triangle have the same speaker sound. Using high-quality speakers (such as those from Tivoli Hi-Fi Pty Ltd) for your indoor acoustics also makes a big difference, so choose your speakers wisely.

Use Sound Absorbent Material On the Ground

In the room where you want better audio, you need to have absorbent material on the ground. A theatre room or music room should not be somewhere with hardwood floors or tile since the sound bounces off the tile in an awkward way. Instead, use a room with carpeting since it can absorb more of the sound, to where you rely on the speakers. If the room doesn't have some carpeting, at least place rugs between where the speakers are and where you are sitting to listen to the music.

Trap Bass in a Smaller Room

If the room in question is extremely small, you might have a hard time listening to bass. The best thing you can do is the bass trapping method. This requires using insulation that absorbs sound, such as foam or padding, in the corners of the room. This allows bass from the speakers or stereo system to remain in the center of the room, instead of getting caught in the corners of the small room.  

Drape Cloth From High Ceilings

The opposite problem you might experience is losing sound quality in a room with extremely high ceilings. What you can do here is hang cloth from the high ceiling to improve the sound, such as with sailcloth. This does require a little more work getting the cloth on the ceiling, but it can help the indoor acoustics tremendously.