What to Consider Before You Decide on a Camera Hire

Posted on: 24 June 2016

For any special event where the recorder on your smartphone just won't be enough to capture the day, you can usually hire a video camera or digital camera from a rental agency. This allows you to get a wider shot and even hold more recording of the day without using up the memory in your phone, or running out of memory space completely. When you are ready to choose a video camera hire, note a few things you want to first consider so you know you get the right type and know what's involved in using it overall.

Ask what is meant by "wide angle"

To you, the term "wide angle" may mean being able to capture an entire horizon on your camera for still shots or single frames, but this may not be the case. Wide angle cameras will usually have a limit as to how wide a shot you can get in a single frame without having to move your camera. This can be important if you want to get still shots for a wedding party standing in front of a particular building, in front of the ocean, and so on, or if you expect to get an entire sunset on one frame as well. Always ask about the limits of a "wide angle" so you get the right camera.

Note the accessibility of the screen

For special events, you want to ensure you're framing the picture properly, that there is nothing in the background that is distracting, and the like. Having a small screen that you can barely see won't help you get the right shots or the best angles for your shot, and you may overlook distracting images that are in the frame. Note the size and accessibility of the screen for a camera and if it's easy enough for you to see everything in the shot.

Note if you need a light measuring tool

The lighting is very important for the quality of pictures and videos, and if you're not accustomed to changing the lighting or asking your subjects to move to an area with different light, a light-measuring tool can note if this is necessary. Before you pose your subjects or waste time trying to film something with too much light in the frame, a quick snap with a light measuring tool can tell you if you should make adjustments in order to get the best shot without glare, darkness, or other such lighting problems.