Key Factors to Bear in Mind If You're Going to Make Your Special Event Really Special

Posted on: 22 February 2017

People are not easily shocked any more. They are used to seeing the most amazing audiovisual effects on television or on the big screen and can be quite blasé when it comes to any attempt to garner their attention. This is why it can be very challenging when you're in charge of managing audiovisual effects at a special event. You really need to think outside of the box, but you also need to bear in mind some other key factors as you prepare for your big night. What do you have to think about?

Embrace the Technology

Above all, ensure that the supplier you bring in to provide the technology and set up the effects is as creative, or more so, then you. You're not just looking for somebody to provide a basic service any more, but should be looking for a lot of good ideas to help you shine. After all, they are the experts in the latest technology and there have certainly been some changes in recent years. You can use 2-D or 3-D projection mapping to bring to life flat imagery on the screen. It takes a very creative mind to use this to its ultimate, however, and make a difference in your venue.

It's All about the Audio

While the visual image is all-important, your event can really fall down if you don't spend time to figure out sound delivery. Once again, you need experts to ensure that every one of your attendees gets the same effect, no matter where they are positioned in the room. The type of sound product available today is very deep and rich, and you will need specific equipment to get the most out of it.

Yes, It's Possible

These days, everywhere is a stage and every surface is a potential projection medium. Work together with your supplier to figure out how you can digitally brand specific areas of your venue to help promote the client or the product, as appropriate. Almost anything is possible when you have a vivid imagination. Discuss the craziest idea with your design professional and you may find it's possible, after all.

Going Mobile

Bring all of your audience into the picture by incorporating mobile technologies. Everybody has a smart phone in their pocket and you can reach this with your message, or as a way to get them fully engaged and involved. You can ask them to vote, or to poll on a specific idea and they can see the results immediately displayed on a central screen. You can provide them with key messages, information, maps or timetables, depending on the scope and scale of your event.

Making a Show

The main takeaway here is to leave preconceived notions at home and get expert audiovisual suppliers involved properly, to create something really unique and memorable.