Why Bang And Olufsen Have Lasted So Long At The Forefront Of Technology

Posted on: 15 July 2020

Bang and Olufsen (commonly referred to as B&O) are a Danish company that has been making electronics, specifically audiovisual electronics, for close to one hundred years. Their speakers, televisions and headphones remain very popular, despite their price usually being higher than competing brands. So why are Bang and Olufsen products so popular and why have they remained in the spotlight for close to a hundred years? Here are three reasons that could explain their longevity and why you might consider them in the future.

Designer But Durable

B&O products have that designer feel and quality craftsmanship that you only get when you pay a premium. However, unlike many other designer electronic brands, B&O is famous for its quality control and the durability of their products. Many of their speakers, headphones and TVs last for years longer than competing brands. This makes them more accessible to everyday users who want a high-end product but can't afford to keep buying a new version every year. Buying a B&O product often means you will be able to hold onto it for far longer with less risk of it breaking down or performing poorly as it ages. 

Quality Warranties

You know a product is good when the manufacturer provides a warranty that lasts longer than a year. If the warranty is within a year, that usually means the manufacturer will want you to buy their new, updated version the next year. Bang and Olufsen provide three-year warranties, and many of their products last far, far longer than that. That is just to ensure that if anything is wrong with the components or you get a defective product that you can get it repaired and replaced at no cost to you. All warranties are included in the box so you can read over the full details when your item arrives.

Sleek Look

It is undeniable that many B&O products, especially their headphones, stand out in a crowded field of competitors. B&O products use an abundance of high-quality materials, with cheap plastic hinges and springs replaced with strong metal alternatives. The fabric is also exceptionally comfortable to wear, and the styles are all unique but not gaudy like other, high-end headphones, which are sometimes more interested in being an accessory than providing a quality experience. With B&O, you get both a noticeably sleek design as well as the best drivers, comfortable cups and padding and a very strong frame which make them perfect for everyday use as well as in your home.